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TONIGHT: Gennaroly Speaking Roster Cut Preview

BFTB's weekly live videocast takes place tonight at 7pm PT and will serve as more of a preview of the final preseason roster cuts for the San Diego Chargers than anything else.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Gennaroly Speaking returns to its usual timeslot of 7pm PT on Wednesday nights. Cancel that expensive date you had planned and grab some beer on the way home, because we have a lot to talk about tonight.

As per usual, the live show will be driven by your comments and questions in the open thread. However, I will try and use the hour-plus tonight to trim the San Diego Chargers roster from 75 guys to 53, which should be fun.

If you can watch tonight and have a question, you can post it below or wait and post it in the open thread during the show (although the questions on this post always get read first). If you can not watch tonight, the audio-only podcast version of Gennaroly Speaking will be available on Thursday (or if you like the video version, that will also be available in recorded form after the live show is completed).

I'll see everyone tonight!