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PODCAST: Ben and John Preview the AFC West

John Gennaro and Ben Higgins break down the San Diego Chargers improved performance in their preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers; a loss that felt more like a win. They also preview the rest of the AFC West.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, I need to apologize. After terrible audio quality in the first BFTB Podcast and dramatic improvement in audio quality for last week's episode, this week's is somewhere in the middle. This is the result of faulty software that I should have been keeping my eye on but instead had minimized, not realizing that it wasn't working properly until after the entire podcast had been recorded.

Thank goodness we keep a backup (albeit, one of slightly lower quality).

Now I know how to avoid that issue (basically, don't trust software to do what it is supposed to) and it shouldn't happen again. Hey, it's preseason for us too, right? The podcast should go back to sounding velvety next week, when Ben and I will run through the San Diego Chargers entire 2014 schedule and make our predictions for the upcoming season.

Second, this week's podcast was fun. The audio quality may be down, but the excitement was way up. After spending about 20-30 minutes reviewing the performance of the first-team offense and first-team defense against the San Francisco 49ers, and a couple of angry rants (mine about Antonio Gates and Ben's about Mike McCoy), Mr. Higgins and myself went through the other three teams in the AFC West to determine which of them will get better, or worse, this year.

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Listen to the podcast and respond in the comments below (or on Twitter). I'll be around doing Gennaroly Speaking LIVE tomorrow night at 7pm PT.