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San Diego Chargers place DT Kwame Geathers on Injured-Reserve

Don't expect to see Chargers NT Kwame Geathers anytime soon. After spraining and hyperextending his knee in the preseason game against the 49ers, the team has placed him on Injured-Reserve.

Thearon W. Henderson

So much for the team not being worried about Kwame Geathers' injury after the San Diego Chargers preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers.

I was still relatively concerned, even after the report last night that Geathers had simply sprained and hyperextended his knee, because there was no timetable for his return. That usually means "We'll see where he is in a month."

I could see this going either way. The team could designate him as an IR player that could return about halfway through the year, or they could simply keep him on IR all year and start fresh with him next season.

Geathers being put on IR means that fifth-round draft pick rookie DT Ryan Carrethers, who has honestly looked lost and a bit out of shape in the preseason, is San Diego's starting Nose Tackle until Sean Lissemore gets healthy enough to return to action. Tom Telesco will certainly be scouting the waiver wire, and possibly looking for a trade, to find a way to keep the NT spot from sinking a defense that looks improved over last year's group.