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Gennaroly Speaking TONIGHT at 7:30pm PT

Here is your scheduling update/reminder that John Gennaro will be doing a live, hour-long episode of Gennaroly Speaking tonight.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I really enjoyed doing this week's BFTB Podcast with Ben Higgins, even if we didn't do a ton of planning and I was half-dead when we started it. However, I have been looking forward to doing this week's Gennaroly Speaking ever since I watched the San Diego Chargers get boatraced by the Seattle Seahawks last Friday.

As per usual, I'll head into this thing tonight without much in the way of topics. You guys are driving the ship. Put questions in the comments below to be answered during the show, and join us for the live broadcast/chat tonight. The fun kicks off at about 7:30pm tonight (I know it's usually 7pm on Wednesdays, but this week is a little different).

What would you like me to discuss? Which player would you like me to break down? Which AFC West team should I do a breakdown of? Comments below! See you tonight!