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Podcast: Recapping a San Diego Chargers preseason nightmare

Nothing good happened in the San Diego Chargers big preseason loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Still, Ben Higgins and John Gennaro recapped the game to see what could be learned and what might lie ahead for Mike McCoy's team.

Otto Greule Jr

The BFTB Podcast is back, with Ben Higgins driving the ship and me along for the ride. The audio quality is improved, but feel free to continue to give us feedback through the comments section of this post.

Ben and I had very different experiences watching the San Diego Chargers' 41-14 drubbing at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. I caught about half of the game while on an airplane, then watched a "condensed' version of the game later, with little to no feedback from the peanut gallery in our open thread or on Twitter. Meanwhile, Ben watched the game live and was able to clue me in on what was being said during the action on Friday.

As sad as the game was, Ben and I had found plenty of reasons to joke around a bit during our analysis. We even did a short preview of the Chargers' upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.

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The BFTB Podcast returns early next week with our 2014 San Diego Chargers season preview, including a complete breakdown of the team's schedule and some predictions on who will (and who won't) make the final 53-man roster.