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Bolts & Dolts: Chargers embarrassed by Seahawks in exhibition

Going through the box score of the San Diego Chargers preseason loss to the Seattle Seahawks to determine which players performed above, or below, expectations.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is that the plane I was on had free TV and the NFL Network. The bad news is that the NFL Network felt it was more important to play the fourth quarter of the Eagles/Patriots than the first quarter of the Chargers/Seahawks, so I only saw quarters two and three before the plane was landing.

Based on what I've read and what I've heard, it appears I saw more than enough. I said before the game that this preseason matchup in Seattle would reveal the Chargers flaws and there are plenty of them. Let's get to Bolts & Dolts, which is mostly based on the box score, and I'll share my notes from watching the game tomorrow.


Kellen Clemens - 14/21, 149 pass yds, 2 pass TDs

The only QB with more than four pass attempts, Clemens seemed to play well against a dangerous Seattle defense

Marion Grice - 3 carries, 17 rush yds, 1 rec, 5 rec yds

The Chargers were obviously trying to give Branden Oliver a chance to shine in this game, but we'll get to that in a second. With limited reps, Grice put up good numbers and even had a solid kick return. Perhaps next week he'll be the ones getting extra reps.

Tourek Williams - 5 tackles, 1 sack

He was going to make the team anyway, but it's nice to see that he's earning that roster spot. A year from now we're going to put Williams in the category of "great draft picks by Tom Telesco".


Branden Oliver - 9 carries, 14 rush yds

I called it, did I not? During Gennaroly Speaking I said that I expected Oliver to have somewhere around 1 yard per carry, and that he'd probably end up bobbling or fumbling a kick return opportunity. Both of those things happened, and I'm assuming Chargers fans are now less excited about "the next Darren Sproles".

Pretty much the entire defense

They were terrible. They got pushed around on the line, they couldn't tackle, and the secondary couldn't cover anybody. I saw it on the live broadcast and I can see it in the box score. I don't expect the Seahawks offense to be better than average this season, but the Chargers made them look like all-stars. That front seven might need some help.

Mike McCoy

I know the team is probably worried about injuries and depth, but why did the first teamers play one quarter (if at all) for San Diego and two for Seattle? If that happens again in the third preseason game, I'm going to be awfully worried about the team starting the season slow.