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San Diego Chargers Approval Rating: Mike McCoy

Vote on Mike McCoy's performance in his first season (and second off season) as the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers.

"Love me!"
"Love me!"
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McCoy now has one full regular season and two playoff games under his belt. His success in 2013 was more than any rational fan could have hoped for given the mess he inherited from Norv Turner and A.J. Smith. A 9-7 record and a road playoff win against a very tough Cincinnati Bengals team isn't anything to scoff at, so the only way you can really knock McCoy is if you think General Manager Tom Telesco deserves most of the credit for the turnaround.

The offense last season was overseen by offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, but it had McCoy's fingerprints all over it. That offense was good enough to get Whisenhunt a head coaching gig and more impressively, it was good enough to drag the near-historically bad Chargers defense into the playoffs.

The offense appears to have last little with Frank Reich taking over the play-calling duties, and the defense looks like it might be able to see league average from where it'll be found this season. McCoy's in-game decision making is lousy at best, but he seems to do everything else well.

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