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Introducing BFTB Radio, a San Diego Chargers podcast network

Bolts from the Blue is diving headfirst into podcasting as the San Diego Chargers kick off the 2014 season. Get all of the juicy details on "BFTB Radio" and listen to the first BFTB Podcast with Ben Higgins and John Gennaro.

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During a recent episode of Gennaroly Speaking, I thanked you guys (the readers/commenters) for keeping this site alive. There is no BFTB without you guys, which means it's my job to listen to what you're saying and what you want and try to deliver as best I can.

For almost a year now, the cries for "a BFTB podcast" have been nearly deafening. I tried to half-ass my way to providing something decent along the way, but I was never happy with the result.

Now, I have something to be happy about. Allow me to introduce to you the BFTB Radio Podcast Network:

What does "podcast network" mean?

It means there will be more than one show. In addition to "The BFTB Podcast with Ben Higgins and John Gennaro", I'll be posting the audio from my weekly live "Gennaroly Speaking" webcasts. The staff will also be asked to contribute, and those who haven't already tried podcasting seem eager to get involved.

You'll have the option to subscribe to the entire network, meaning getting all of our podcasts together, or to a single show (if you're, say, a big Ben Higgins fan but don't like the rest of us).

How often will there be new podcasts?

We're still getting up and running, and figuring out the technical issues, but I'd say somewhere in the range of 4 podcasts per week across the network once we work through the kinks and the NFL regular season begins.

Just show me where the damn podcast is with Ben Higgins

Okay, okay, you've waited long enough.

We're still waiting for Apple to approve us in the iTunes Store (UPDATED: We've been approved!), but you can always find all of the BFTB Radio podcasts and information at

Ben and I chatted for about 40 minutes, mostly looking back at the Chargers' preseason win over the Dallas Cowboys and then doing a short preview of San Diego's game against the Seattle Seahawks this week. It was a fun time and we both spit out lots of great information. This one is worth your time.