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7/9/2014: Gennaroly Speaking with Kyle Posey

Kyle Posey joins John Gennaro on Bolts from the Blue's weekly podcast to review the 2014 San Diego Chargers offseason and preview the upcoming year.

You should know the drill by now. If the video above didn't play on its own, hit play now. Yes, even if it's not 7pm PT yet. You should start hearing my voice at 7pm PT when the broadcast begins.

Kyle Posey will be joining me on this episode of Gennaroly Speaking, after many of you asked me to have him on. Hopefully, this goes well and having other members of the BFTB staff on becomes a regular thing. Or it goes really well and it's just Kyle and I forever. Either way.

Shoot your comments below, whether it's pre-show, during the show, or post-show. I'll read them all, and your comments will be the driving force behind what we talk about once the cameras are turned on.