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TONIGHT: A Very Special Gennaroly Speaking

Tonight at 7pm PT, Kyle Posey will join me for an hours worth of talk about the San Diego Chargers.

In this analogy, I am the child.
In this analogy, I am the child.
Robert Prezioso

I know you guys love Gennaroly Speaking, our weekly video podcast, and I know you've also been begging for me to have some of the BFTB staff on there. Tonight, Kyle Posey is going to join me and we'll see how that goes.

Ideally, Gennaroly Speaking will become a very large part of BFTB this season. The tentative plan is for me to do at least one night-time podcast during the week, but I'll try for two, and we'll at least revisit the BFTB 'pregame podcast' on Sunday morning that went so well the one time we tried it last season.

Join us tonight at 7pm PT. The drill is the same. Feel free to post questions in the comments below for me and/or Kyle, and we'll be following along with the live comments on the blog during the show as well.

As always, this will be a live show, so forgive us for any technical glitches. Also, I know that some of you are still waiting for me to add the last Gennaroly Speaking to our podcast feed, and for the podcast feed to be added to iTunes. I'm working on it, I promise. It will be done shortly.