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"Strikes for Kids" Unites Athletes and Fans

Although the hearts of sports fans across America were broken this week when the valiant effort of our national futbol team ended in a painful loss, the American spirit lives on as professional athletes and fans team up year-around for communities nationwide.

Laurence Griffiths

Strikes for Kids, a non-profit organization that liaises with athletes across the U.S. to benefit community enrichment programs, is visiting San Diego this summer. The organization works with over 100 professional athletes nationwide to put on affordable events that allow families to give back to their communities while interacting with their favorite athletes.

On Friday, July 18th, Strikes for Kids will team up with Chargers RB Ryan Mathews in the Second Annual Ryan Mathews Golf Tournament. The tournament is open to the public, with spectator passes starting as low as $30 per person.

The event will benefit the Trish and Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest, a local non-profit organization partnered with The Salvation Army and focused on helping homeless mothers in our community. The Salvation Army helps support participants in the program for up to 18 months while they work, save at least 80% of their income, and find their families a place to live. But anyone who has ever moved knows finding an apartment or house is only half the battle – there are furnishings and various items required to make a house a livable family home. Ryan and his mother Trish have committed themselves to fulfilling this need through their foundation.

To sign up for or support the Ryan Mathews Golf Tournament, please visit