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Jeromey Clary takes a pay cut

The Chargers gain a hefty chunk of cap space by lowering Jeromey Clary's base salary.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

In a sign that we here at BFTB do truly will things to happen by repeatedly posting them in our comments section, Jeromey Clary has reduced his salary from $4.55M to $1.6M. Last year's starting right guard had recently been placed on the pre-season Physically Unable to Play list. This, compounded by his poor play last year, left Clary with little choice but to reduce his cap hit or be cut from the team.

While many have been clamoring for him to be cut entirely, this move allows the Chargers to evaluate his recovery at a much lower cost. If he does not recover, he still could be cut later. However, his much lower salary makes him a decent backup option if one of the newer Guards, or Johnnie Troutman, perform well enough to completely take his starting spot.

The reduction in salary is equal to 6/17 or how much he would have been paid previously while on the PUP list.