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Chargers Sign RB Danny Woodhead to a Two-Year Extension

The fan-favorite will now be in San Diego through 2016.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers have signed fan-favorite and explosive running back Danny Woodhead to a two-year extension. He now is under team control for the next three seasons, keeping him in San Diego through the 2016 season.

When General Manager Tom Telesco signed Woodhead last year, many praised the move. Fans were rewarded when Woodhead put up career numbers and gave the San Diego Chargers offense a much-needed explosive option out of the backfield. He quickly became a fan favorite (likely many of the fans longing for the Darren Sproles days latched on to Woodhead.)

Contract extensions are a relative rarity in the NFL. While he certainly deserves a longer tenure in San Diego, this move could be a way to restructure his contract and move money around to give the team some space under the cap. It's win-win for both sides though: Danny Woodhead gets some added job security, and the Chargers get to keep one of their key offensive components longer and gain some cap space at the same time.

General Manager Tom Telesco:

"Danny is an integral part of our offense. His work ethic and on-field production were key elements last year. We look forward to having him be a part of the Chargers organization into the future."