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The best San Diego Chargers shoes

In search of the perfect pair of shoes to wear to a San Diego Chargers game and tailgate at Qualcomm Stadium.

Harry How

This weekend, I started thinking about San Diego Chargers shoes. No, not shoes that the team wears, but shoes that match the team's color-scheme. These are essential for tailgating, right? So I turned to twitter for some help finding a pair.

Review: These look fantastic. I kind of want a pair like this and a reversed pair that's all yellow with blue stripes. Still, there's something missing that's keeping them from being Chargers shoes, right?

Review: The lightning is awesome, but we can't just abandon the yellow, can we? If we have no yellow then we're just shopping for North Carolina Tar Heels shoes.

Review: See? UNC shoes. Are they gorgeous? Absolutely, but I don't think anyone is stopping me at the Q to ask where I got "those Chargers shoes" if I'm rocking these bad boys. Let's keep looking.

Review: I would buy a pair of these just to wear around every day. In fact, I might. Still, I can't crown these "Chargers" shoes until I've seen all of the candidates.

Review: I would be 100% on board with these but they looked photoshopped. Shame.

Review: A little boring, but super classy. Hard not to love these.

Review: These shoes are very Chargers. However, they're a little too loud for my taste. I might wear these to a game but I'd be hesitant to just wear them about town. Maybe I'm getting old. Anyway, these are the winners unless....

Review: Be still my heart. These may not be for everyone, and the lightning bolt trinket makes these a little girlie, but I love everything else about these. I'd rock these at a tailgate.

Which are your favorite pair of Chargers shoes?