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Chargers Host NFL Play 60 Character Camp for Kids

The San Diego Chargers sign on to teach kids the values of fitness and character.


Imagine if every child was active for 60 minutes a day. Child obesity -- an increasing national epidemic -- would likely decline, kids would embrace the importance of fitness and health, and maybe even use that daily hour to hone their developing physical skills to someday become pro athletes. 

Aligning with these ideals, on July 21 and July 22 the Chargers, along with the NFL, will partner with Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Muñoz and the Muñoz Agency to offer kids a two-day football camp at Sweetwater High School in National City.

The NFL Play 60 Character Camp will host approximately 800 boys and girls from local youth organizations who have little or no football experience. Most of the kids attending the camp will be Hispanic in support of the NFL's year-long Hispanic outreach campaign.

Working together with USA Football and its NFL FLAG curriculum,
Muñoz and the Chargers' own Brad Sorensen and Andrew Gachkar will teach the kids basic football skills. The kids will also be encouraged to be active for an hour a day as part of the NFL Play 60 initiative. The importance of character values -- a central component to the mission of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation -- will be emphasized at the camp as well.

If we're looking to inspire "the future" to lead healthier lives, the NFL Play 60 Character Camps provide a fantastic program model. "Hey, kids, want to throw around a football with a Hall-of-Famer and two players from your favorite team in sunny San Diego?" Oh, to be a kid again.

Thanks to the Chargers for co-signing these impactful initiatives and for continuing to serve the San Diego community time and again.