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Have you signed up for the Chargers 5k yet?

The San Diego Chargers annual 5k is coming up fast and you can save $5 if you sign up today.

Alex Trautwig

The Chargers 5k, held annually in the early morning sometime in the summer months, is probably my favorite non-football thing that the San Diego Chargers do. It's coming up in a few weeks (July 20) and this should serve as your reminder if you haven't yet signed up.

If you sign up today, it's $50. If you sign up tomorrow, it's $55. Go sign up today.

I have run the Chargers 5k every year that it has existed, but I may not be able to this year due to some scheduling issues I'm trying to figure out. Either way, Richard and the Littles and a bunch of other BFTBers are there and can cheer you on.