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Frank Reich and the New Coach Myth

The 2014 San Diego Chargers offense is a mystery, even to those that think they know what is coming, but that won't keep you from hearing about it.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I can't stand new coordinators. From the time they're hired to the point where their team is on the field, it's nothing but myth.

How many times have you heard a recently hired Defensive Coordinator say that the team he's going to will be "more aggressive"? Well, duh. It's not as if he'd earn any love from the fans by saying that he intends on making the defense more passive.

On offense, it's a bit of the same. Pick the best player on offense and repeatedly say that you're going to feature that player. It's what we heard from Ken Whisenhunt last season, and it's what we're hearing from Frank Reich this offseason.

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers earned the 2013 Comeback Player of the Year award by operating as Peyton Manning lite. He diagnosed the defense's intention before the snap, torched blitzes and tossed accurate passes to a bevy of receivers.

Now we have reason to believe Rivers will be running Manning's old Colts offense in 2014.

On Friday's edition of the "Around The League Podcast," NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks revealed that Rivers is running the same heavy no-huddle scheme that the Colts used when new Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich was Manning's position coach in Indianapolis.

Reich is even incorporating "K-Gun" concepts from his playing days as Jim Kelly's backup in Buffalo -- when both were teammates of Brooks.

Peyton Manning! Jim Kelly! I'm almost surprised they didn't find some way to squeeze a Tom Brady comparison in there.

You know what I would love to hear from Frank Reich? "Last year's offense worked great and we're going to continue tinkering with it."

You know what I don't want to hear? "We're going to be running a mix of two old offenses that were 100% reliant upon the best QB in the league to essentially be his own Offensive Coordinator."

Now, I could say that it's a sign that Reich has no idea what he's doing. That he's handing all of the power over to Philip Rivers because he knows he can't do it on his own. However, I know better. I know this is just Reich pumping himself up to the fans that have no idea what to expect from him but are desperate for any piece of information. What better way to get them excited then to say he's trying to turn El Capitan into another Peyton Manning or Jim Kelly?

Don't believe the hype. We won't know what Reich is planning or how good he can be at implementing it in the first year until he's actually calling plays in Week 1 of the regular season.