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Gennaroly Speaking: Brandon Flowers, Tony Gwynn, and more!

John Gennaro takes to the internet airwaves to chat for an hour about the San Diego Chargers signing Brandon Flowers, the loss of Tony Gwynn, the U.S. Men's National Team in the World Cup, and more.

It feels good to be back! I haven't done one of these in a good long time, but it's time we have another hour-plus long chat about San Diego sports and anything else we feel like talking about.

As per usual, the show will kick off at 7:00pm PT on the nose, but you can hit the play button on the video above now (if it hasn't already started playing for you) and you'll be ready to go when it starts. I will likely be drinking beer instead of my customary scotch, but I will attempt to be just as entertaining as always.

Feel free to post a comment below prior to the show starting, and follow along with the fast-and-furious conversation in the comments that goes on during the show.

Make sure you stick around for the final 10 minutes, where I let the community ask me absolutely anything they want and guarantee an honest answer. For some reason, this is usually the most popular part of each episode of Gennaroly Speaking.