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REPORT: San Diego Chargers sign CB Brandon Flowers

The San Diego Chargers have arguably turned their biggest weakness into a strength by reportedly signing Pro Bowl CB Brandon Flowers after using their top draft pick on CB Jason Verrett.

Tom Szczerbowski


Feel free to interpret that the way that it is meant, which is that the San Diego Chargers and free agent CB Brandon Flowers have agreed on a contract, but the team needs to shed some cap space before they will be allowed to submit the signed contract to the league.

Much like when Jason Verrett was drafted, Brandon Flowers comes in and is immediately the best Cornerback on a team that desperately needed help in the secondary. Flowers will likely get more than Donald Brown did, meaning that Tom Telesco used his team's most valuable draft pick and its highest free agent contract on the Cornerback position.... Do we know what this means?

This means that Tom Telesco, he with the long-term plan, is trying to win right now. San Diego will likely pay at least part of an arm and half of a leg for Flowers, a Pro Bowl CB last year, to fix their biggest weakness from last season. Teams that do that are focused on the Super Bowl. They're focused on championships. He may not be destroying the future to improve the present, but the current Chargers front office definitely seems intent on ripping back open the team's "window of opportunity" with Philip Rivers at QB.

It's a one-year deal for Flowers: