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The San Diego Chargers Dodgeball Team

Some of the San Diego Chargers have been spending their offseason playing softball, while others have been winning dodgeball championships.

Keenan Allen's Instagram

A few weeks ago, a faithful BFTBer e-mailed me a few pictures from a Poway softball team that included the likes of Philip Rivers, Nick Hardwick, Eric Weddle, and Danny Woodhead. It would appear they're not the only ones that were missing their teammates in the offseason...

Meet the D-Block dodgeball team. I love the Chargers font in the team logo.

From left to right, we have Ryan Mathews, Melvin Ingram, Keenan Allen, and Dwight Freeney. There also appears to be a giant in the background wearing a D-Block shirt. I do not believe the two men in "The Dodgefather" shirts are part of the Chargers. Perhaps they're friends or just fans that wanted a picture with some players.

The giant appears to be King Dunlap!

Keenan Allen posted this picture with a note that the team went undefeated. Now I guess the 2014 Chargers know what their goal is in the upcoming season.

He may have been robbed of the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award last season, but the caption on this photo ("Just call me Kawhi Leonard") tells me that he may have scored an even greater victory by being named MVP of his dodgeball league.

I don't know what happened to the boring old Chargers under Norv Turner, but these kids* that like to have fun and compete are fantastic.

*Dwight Freeney, by law, can never be referred to as a "kid". Not even when grouped in with a bunch of other kids.