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Have the Chargers signed CB Brandon Flowers yet?

An update on Brandon Flowers' visit with the Chargers in San Diego and an explanation of why he might be interested in joining the Bolts.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Not quite, but probably soon.

Everyone wants to sign Brandon Flowers and Brandon Flowers wants to sign with the San Diego Chargers. It's a nice position to be in, but how did we get here?

Well, for one, Brandon Flowers is a replica of Jason Verrett (or vice versa), and Jason Verrett is a perfect fit for what John Pagano does on defense.

Secondly, Mike McCoy has changed the culture at Chargers Park. It is now the type of environment that NFL players want to be in, and that itself is bringing in free agents.

Third, and this almost goes without saying, the Chargers made the playoffs last year without a secondary to speak of and they play against Flowers' old team (the Kansas City Chiefs) twice per season. There's plenty of reason to believe that he'd come out winning the break up with Andy Reid by signing in San Diego.

Also, have I mentioned San Diego has fantastic weather?

Based on the tea leaves, it would be a surprise if Brandon Flowers is wearing the jersey of any other team at the start of the season. This seems to be a mutual attraction that can work on paper if the team shifts some dead weight off of the books.