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Chargers part ways with Brandon Taylor

The oft- injured, former 3rd round pick is no longer with the team.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation on when, or if ever, Brandon Taylor would make an impact with the San Diego Chargers can now officially end. They announced on their site this morning that he was no longer on the team.

Chargers fans will remember that Taylor was drafted in the 3rd round, with the 73rd pick, in 2012. Participated in 4 games in 2012 with one start. He was injured for the entire 2013 season.

For those with a keen eye on our Cap situation, this is not a major move. Cutting Taylor saves us $577,500 this year with his prorated signing bonus converting to $160,969 in Dead Money this year, and the same next year. This is due to his cut occurring after June 1. This is not the cut that gives us the money to sign Brandon Flowers, but every little bit helps.

Look for more cuts to trickle in ahead of mini-camp.