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Free agent CB Brandon Flowers visiting the San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers are hosting Pro Bowl CB Brandon Flowers for a visit and will attempt to sign him to bolster their defensive secondary.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

So, here's some fun news:

Remember last week when I said that the San Diego Chargers don't have enough money to sign Brandon Flowers? Disregard that, apparently. It would appear, since they are Flowers' first stop, that they are very interested and willing to cut whomever they need to to create enough cap room to sign the Pro Bowl CB.

As if you needed a reminder, Brandon Flowers is a 28-year old slightly undersized CB that made his first Pro Bowl last season with the Kansas City Chiefs and would likely love the chance to stick it to Andy Reid twice a year as a member of the Chargers.

Here's what Arrowhead Pride's Joel Thorman said about Flowers after he was released:

He is a smart, dependable and tough player. He was the Chiefs top cornerback for the last six seasons. Many Chiefs fans, including myself, wish the Chiefs could've found a way to keep him because they are a better team with him than without him. It just didn't work in Kansas City but it easily could elsewhere. He is 28 years old and fits in many schemes. Some team out there is going to get a good cornerback.

The only two things standing in the way of this deal at the moment would have to be money and Flowers' size. At 5'10", he's closer to Jason Verrett's height than Quentin Jammer's, and would make for a short secondary across the board for San Diego. That seems like a bigger problem when you remember that guys like Demaryius Thomas and Dwayne Bowe are in the AFC West.

We'll keep you posted on any news coming out of Chargers Park regarding Flowers' visit, but at this point you have to be optimistic about San Diego's chances of signing him before he goes on to visit the next NFL team.

UPDATE: Brandon Flowers really wants to be a Charger: