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BFTB After Dark: June 16, 2014

"After Dark" is BFTB's nightly open thread for the community to talk about anything and everything. But tonight it's to talk about the great Tony Gwynn.

Jonathan Daniel

Tony Gwynn passes away at age 54 -
The Hall of Famer and Padres legend had been suffering from cancer.

Tony Gwynn, baseball scientist, has died -
Tony Gwynn passed away Monday at 54. There was only one of him.

Remember Tony Gwynn's Hall of Fame career with YouTube's help -
Let's watch Tony Gwynn hit baseballs and give speeches.

Tony Gwynn, the last clutch hitter -
Perhaps the *greatest* clutch hitter.

What Tony Gwynn Meant to Me - Gaslamp Ball
Tony Gwynn was more than "Mr. Padre". He was my "Mr. Baseball". On a day when we will look back at the incredible stats, the incredible man, the incredible ambassador to the San Diego Padres I ...

Tony Gwynn's friends and teammates react to his passing - Gaslamp Ball
It's hard to put into words what Tony Gwynn means to San Diego. I'm still trying to come to grips with it. Every time I'd hear about his deteriorating health, I would momentarily think about what...

Tony Gwynn loses fight with cancer - Gaslamp Ball
A devastating loss to San Diego, and the world; Mr. Padre has passed.