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NFL Draft results: OG Chris Watt to the San Diego Chargers with No. 89 pick

With their pick in the 3rd round, the San Diego Chargers add a future starter from Notre Dame at offensive guard, Chris Watt.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Watt is a player we had as a 5th rounder. Tom Telesco didn't take very much of the clock to select this pick. You have to think that they're very high on the kid, and offensive line coach Joe D'Alessandris gave him his stamp of approval. Could this be a future starter at offensive guard? Possibly. His draft grade from me reflects his lack of "flashiness." He's more of a 'get in the way' type than a mauling blocker type. I wonder how effective Watt will be at the point of attack because of his lack of raw strength, and his shorter arms. I also think Watt has some balance issues. I noticed he fell off blocks and onto the ground when he was head up with defensive lineman.

Because the lack of strength, and the lack of athleticism, that's why I had Watt graded so low. That said, he's very smart, and diagnoses plays quickly. He fits what the Chargers want to do, run inside zone, and have their offensive lineman work to the second level. Watt is also the type of lineman that blocks through the whistle, which is something you love to see. If D'Alessandris feels he can get more out of Watt, then I'll defer to him, he's a genius. My initial reaction was that Watt isn't more than a spot starter, at least at this point. But I will watch him more in depth to get a better feel. I'll admit I struggle to project lineman who don't jump off the tape with athleticism, so a closer look is needed.

We had 5 guards ranked higher than Watt, but time will tell to see if he was worth the 3rd round pick & develops into a prolific starter. All of us obviously hope this is the case. Is Jeromey Clary on the hot seat now? Time will tell. We should have an in-depth breakdown covering Watt on the site soon. How do you feel about the pick?