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Chargers Season Ticket Members to get V.I.P. experience for NFL Draft

Two long-time San Diego Chargers season ticket members will receive a memorable opportunity for this year's NFL Draft.

Al Bello

John Hall, 52, of La Jolla, CA, will be among the many NFL fans attending the 2014 NFL Draft, except his experience will be a bit different than the average fan.

Hall will be there thanks to The Membership Club, an NFL league-wide benefits program, that has decided to honor 24 different season ticket holders from different teams this year by inviting them to this year's draft, and making them a part of the festivities.

Hall, a season ticket member since the 1990s, will not only be representing the San Diego Chargers, but he will also be handing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the jersey presented to the Chargers first round pick.

Along with this honor, Hall and the other members of this VIP experience, will be given custom "draft day" jerseys and will be walked along the the red carpet into Radio City Music Hall. This will be followed by VIP seating, two tickets for the second day of the draft, and a tour of the venue on the final day.

But he won't be the only Chargers fan on-hand for this event.

Another long-time season ticket member, Joe Patrico, has been afforded the opportunity to announce the team's fourth round pick this year.

"It's a once in a life-time opportunity," Patrico told the Chargers website. "Since I've been a season ticket holder, they've always done nice events; this is just a really unusual, really neat thing that they've done."

The NFL Draft is tonight at 8 p.m. EST.