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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: May 6, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.


The Perfect Draft - Bill Barnwell
The Chargers need a corner far more than the Bengals do, and Fuller is regarded as a more complete prospect than Gilbert — but he lacks Gilbert’s size. San Diego had one of the worst pass defenses in league history through the first three-quarters of last season, so throwing somebody who isn’t Derek Cox at the problem is a huge step in the right direction.

Mandatory Monday: Draft Non-Needs - Mike Tanier
Primary Assets: The Chargers have running backs. Lots of them. They look like Oklahoma State in the 1980s. Philip Rivers found a Lazarus Pit and looks rejuvenated.

NFL Draft: Round-by-Round QB Study - Scott Kacsmar
For future drafts, Wilson may have broken the height discrimination against quarterbacks, but history still shows he will be an outlier. It's true you can get a quarterback later in the draft, but he's more likely to turn out to be Curtis Painter, Mike McMahon, B.J. Symons or that guy from The Bachelor than the next Wilson or Brady. If you want a franchise quarterback, the top of the draft is still the first place to look.

2013 Broken Tackles: Offense - Aaron Schatz
A reminder when comparing 2012 and 2013 broken tackle numbers that our charters marked nearly ten percent more broken tackles in 2013 than in 2012. So the average running back will actually have a couple more broken tackles this year than he did last year.