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San Diego Chargers sign CB Jason Verrett to 4-year deal

The San Diego Chargers have officially signed all of their 2014 draft picks after coming to terms with their first round selection, CB Jason Verrett.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, that was predictable, but can we talk about Jason's hat?

Just kidding.

Thus completes the 2014 NFL Draft for the San Diego Chargers front office. All of the picks have been signed, all of the undrafted free agents have been signed, and now it's just a matter of getting the kids up to speed on the playbook and ready for the season.

I know the team will say that Jason Verrett isn't the #1 CB on day one, because they'll want him to "earn" that spot (or they'll want to avoid the embarrassment of having to demote him), but he is and will continue to be because he's already the best Cornerback on the roster.

Now that Verrett has been signed, we can go all return to our usual offseason doldrums.