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BFTB Mapping Project, version 2

An interactive map of BFTB's staff and readers, and their locations from around the world.

We did this once before and it was a huge success, so we've brought it back! Welcome to the BFTB Mapping Project.

Here's the idea...

Everyone that reads this site should click this link, then click the "Add Marker" button that sits below the search box, then find your location with the search box.

You'll see a green marker drop down on your location, and a link above it that says "Add to map". Click that and it'll add the location to the list on the left. Click the item in the list, then click the "edit" button that appears above the marker on the map and change the name of the location to your BFTB username.

I know, that's a lot of steps. Take your time. It's pretty easy and self-explanatory, and the resulting map that shows just how large and diverse our audience is will be well worth the effort.

That's it! Add yourself to the map and check back regularly to watch it grow!