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San Diego Chargers sign four draft picks

The San Diego Chargers sign their last four selections from the 2014 NFL Draft to four-year contracts.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

This from the Chargers:

The San Diego Chargers signed four of their six choices from the 2014 NFL Draft:

Guard Chris Watt (third round, 89th overall), defensive tackle Ryan Carrethers (fifth round, 165), running back Marion Grice (sixth-round, 201) and wide receiver Tevin Reese (seventh round, 240). All four players signed four-year contracts.

Cornerback Jason Verrett (first round, 25) and outside linebacker Jerry Attaochu (second round, 50) are the only two draft picks who are unsigned.

In other news, the sun came up this morning and the latest NFL CBA is still fantastic.

The only surprisingly part of the statement above might be that each player was signed to a four-year deal. That doesn't seem normal. I seem to recall later round picks normally getting three-year contracts, but I also can't really recall what I had for breakfast so I may not be the best source here.

THE POWER OF THE INTERNET: I looked it up. All of last year's picks (3rd round and later) signed four-year deals with the Chargers. Welcome to a new day.