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Fantasy Football: Chargers 2014 Draft Edition

Taking a look at the fantasy football impact of the 2014 NFL Draft class of the San Diego Chargers

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

I can't say I was stoked with this draft. I absolutely LOVED last year's draft, immediately. I did really like the Jason Verrett pick, but I am not incredibly excited about any of the other football players that the front office drafted. That being said, in Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy I trust. Let's get into it.

Round 1, Pick 25: Jason Verrett, CB (TCU)

A feisty Cornerback who has a nose for the ball, and is quick and can go up and fight for the ball. He is on the smaller side, but I believe that he'll be able to play the #2 CB position, and would be a fantastic slot Corner as well. He'd do a great job covering someone like Wes Welker from Denver.

Jason Verrett will immediately help out the Chargers, and the DST should see an immediate increase in INT's. I can see Verrett getting 3-4 INT's next season, and a good amount of passes deflected. The Chargers DST should also see a decrease in Yards allowed. This being said, Jason Verrett himself does NOT make the Chargers DST relevant. Chargers DST will probably be a mid range DST.

Impact: Moderate, but won't drive the DST to fantasy relevance (yet)

Round 2, Pick 50: Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB (Georgia Tech)

Jeremiah has great speed off the line, and should help boost sack numbers for the Chargers. I don't know if he'll start right away, but will be a starter soon, most likely replacing Dwight Freeney. We'll see if he'll be able to play 3 downs. I see him as more of a 2 down backer, as he seems to get lost in Coverage. I don't think it was worth the 4th round pick to move up 5 spots to select him. This was a deep draft, and that 4th round pick could have been used.

Jeremiah Attaochu will help make Jason Verrett's job a little bit easier, because he will be shortening the amount of time the opposing receivers have to get open. Good pick, but won't necessarily make a huge impact in fantasy right away.

Impact: Moderate, but will be a starter soon, making an impact

Round 3, Pick 89: Chris Watt, OG (Notre Dame)

Chris Watt started for 3 years for a very good Notre Dame football team, one that allowed I believe only 9 sacks last season. Chris Watt will not start right away, but I see him eventually replacing Jeremy Clary on the right side, next to D.J. Fluker. From what I've heard, he can also play a bit of Center, so for a little while, he will be a plug and play in the interior of the Offensive line.

Impact: Low

Round 5, Pick 165: Ryan Carrethers, NT (Arkansas State)

Ryan Carrethers is a big, strong guy who will fill in on occasion on the D-Line. Probably won't challenge Sean Lissemore for the starting job just yet, but might be a serviceable starter in the future. Carrethers is not the answer, but he will help in the run game, and will also help Lissemore stay fresh.

Impact: Very Low

Round 6, Pick 201: Marion Grice, RB (Arizona State)

Marion Grice was a good running back in college, but I can't see any reason to justify this pick. The Chargers have 3 very good running backs on the roster, and I don't really see a need for a 4th. Puzzling pick, but if the Chargers can't come to an agreement on a contract with 29 year old Danny Woodhead, Marion Grice could be a good change of pace back. I don't see him as an every down back.

Impact: Moderate (in the future)

Round 7, Pick 240: Tevin Reese, WR (Baylor)

WR was a position of need, but slot WR was not. Eddie Royal is a very good receiver in the slot, and I was honestly hoping for the Chargers to draft Brandon Coleman, a 6'6 receiver out of Rutgers (who is thankfully still available as a free agent). I see this pick more as insurance for Eddie Royal. He can be useful, and might be forced to start if Eddie Royal is not re-signed. Hopefully the Chargers bring in a big receiver to compliment Keenan Allen, because Malcom Floyd is not a long term, or reliable player to fill that role.

Impact: Low-Moderate (in the future)

Not an awesome draft in my mind. Loved the Jason Verrett pick, and liked the Attaochu and Watt picks. Nose Tackle and WR will still be "positions of need," next offseason, unless Tom Telesco brings in someone during the season. Definitely not an exciting draft from a Fantasy Football standpoint.