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Should the San Diego Chargers have drafted Michael Sam?

Because of his sexuality, Michael Sam offered a tremendous value late in the 2014 NFL Draft. Should the Chargers have drafted him? Would he have been a better find than Attaochu?


Yes, this is link bait. Yes, it's still a legitimate question.

The Chargers used a 2nd (and a 4th) round pick to get Jeremiah Attaochu. Attaochu had 22.5 sacks in his last two years at Georgia Tech, playing in the ACC. He's 6'3", weighs 242 lbs, and ran a 4.6 40-yard dash.

Michael Sam, an openly homosexual pass-rusher coming out of Missouri, was taken in the 7th round by the St. Louis Rams. He had 16 sacks in his last two years at Missouri, playing in the SEC. He's 6'3", weighs 255 lbs, and ran a 4.7 40-yard dash.

Michael Sam also was named the 2013 co-Defensive Player of the Year in his conference, sharing the honors with 1st Round selection C.J. Mosley out of Alabama.

Jeremiah Attaochu was not the 2013 Defensive Player of the Year in his conference, losing out to DT Aaron Donald, who was drafted in the 1st round.

If we're going strictly on performance on the field, Sam is at least as good of a prospect as Attaochu, yet he was available 5 rounds later. I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather hold onto that 4th round draft pick and use a 5th or 6th on Michael Sam. I wouldn't worry about the baggage, and think he would actually excite the large-and-wealthy gay community that exists in San Diego.

I could even make an argument for drafting him with a late round pick even after the team traded up to get Attaochu. He's a steal that late in the draft, and as I said the last time we had this conversation...

The truth is that you can never have enough pass-rushers, a lesson learned the hard way for Tom Telesco in 2013.

What do you think?