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NFL Draft results: NT Ryan Carrethers to the San Diego Chargers with No. 165 pick

With their pick in the 5th round, the San Diego Chargers add nose tackle Ryan Carrethers from Arkansas State.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

The San Diego Chargers fill a need along the defensive line with 6'1", 337 lb nose tackle from Arkansas State. Ryan Carrethers is a stoutly built defender that is very strong at the point of attack and will be a good fit in the Chargers' odd front. Our big board had him as a 5th rounder, so this is neither a "reach" nor a "value" pick.

Carrethers isn't a flashy player. He has average quickness off the snap and he lacks "ideal" height. However, he is an anchor along the line and will clog running lanes. He profiles as a 2-down player, but that's the kind of guy you can afford to take in the 5th round, and honestly the kind of player you need to have on the roster. You also may remember him from his 32 reps on the bench press at the combine this year. That was the most put up by anyone this draft season. That was also, notably, the only "drill" he excelled in. His value was all observed on the field of play.

(Side note: Carrethers reportedly has 16% body fat despite weighing nearly 340 pounds. That's freakish and amazing. I love this pick.)

Sean Lissemore, the Charges' incumbent nose tackle, is best when playing minimal snaps. The addition of Carrethers should help limit his snaps and preserve his efficiency. This also pushes back the specter of nose tackle snaps being spent on Kwame Geathers. The defense is loading up with players and the excuses are running out for John Pagano if they don't have more success this season.