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Open Thread: NFL Draft, Rounds 4-7

Chat along with other fans of the San Diego Chargers while the team finishes out the 2014 NFL Draft.

I already miss Johnny.
I already miss Johnny.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I have to be honest. I'm pretty glad that I wasn't around for the San Diego Chargers 3rd round selection of Chris Watt yesterday. No, I was playing kickball and eating jello shots and generally enjoying the start of my weekend.

That pick is bothering me. It's ruining my Saturday morning. It would've ruined my Friday night had I checked my phone any earlier. It is the complete and total opposite of the Keenan Allen selection last year.

Here's me being optimistic. I hope Coach D'Alessandris fell totally in love with Watt. I hope he was screaming in Telesco's ear "GET ME THAT WATT KID" in the first round. Then, come the 3rd, knowing that they didn't have a pick in the 4th, I hope Coach D was all but ripping up the carpeting with his teeth, dying at the thought that he may not get a chance to coach Chris Watt.

That's what I hope. And I hope Tommy scribbled out the part of his notes that said Watt was a 6th rounder, and then right next to it drew a picture of a 95-year old Coach D'Alessandris still coaching the Chargers offensive line.