14 Games That Make It Worthwhile To Be A Chargers Fan

PITTSBURGH, UNITED STATES: San Diego Chargers' Dennis Gibson celebrates after breaking up a pass 15 January intended for Pittsburgh Steelers' Barry Foster on the Steelers' final offensive play of the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. - JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images

So, my first FanPost was a learning experience. I drafted a list of painful memories and forgot one of the most painful: the game that we blew a 24-0 second half lead to Fivehead. Fortunately, we have great commenters here at BFTB and it was pointed out to me quickly. So as to avoid a repeat of such buffoonery, I have decided to write a massive Top 24 list (Top 14, plus another 10 honorable mentions). The length of this FanPost is probably not going to help mitigate my reputation for being long-winded. Without further ado…

No. 1: Jan 15th, 1995 at Pittsburgh; 17-13

The single greatest day of my Chargers fan career. Thank you Dennis Gibson for being born. (If this game takes place 10 years later, Marlon McCree intercepts the ball rather than knocking it down and runs it back to the 10 yard line before promptly fumbling it and helplessly watching it returned by Barry Foster for game-winning touchdown. I will NEVER forgive you Marlon McCree. EVER.)

No. 2: Sep 04th, 1994 at Denver; 37-34

Season opener of our Super Bowl year. Sunday Night Football against John Elway. Terrific game with Junior Seau playing out of his mind. (Probably poor choice of words.) No one gave us a chance, but it was a statement game of the highest magnitude. We repeatedly took Elway’s best shots and kept answering the bell. Natrone ran one in from the one to win it in the fourth quarter. One of my proudest moments as a Charger fan.

No. 3: Dec 28th, 2008 vs Denver; 52-21

It is a surreal feeling absolutely KNOWING that the Chargers are going to win 6 DAYS before kickoff. But let’s be honest, after starting the season 4-8, and somehow being in position to win AFC West and go to playoffs going into regular season finale…there was NO WAY Cutler was coming to the Murph and stopping destiny. This was certainly not a nail-biter, but it was absolutely three of the best hours I have ever spent as a Charger fan.

No. 4: Dec 29th, 2013 vs Kansas City; 27-24

I know what you’re thinking: how can the game in which we barely defeated the Chiefs’ ninth string back-ups possibly be ranked this high? I’ll tell you. When the Chiefs lined up for a gimme FG to win the game and put us out of our misery, there were literally only DOZENS of people around the country that thought if we concentrated hard enough, he might...just...miss. This game identified you as a legitimate die-hard Charger fan. The first three quarters were terrible, but the fourth quarter and overtime were some of the very best moments I have spent as a Charger fan. When he missed (and we won in overtime), I was elated beyond words. I just screamed and screamed for joy.

No. 5 (Tie): Nov 12th, 2006 at Cincinnati; 49-41

Another litmus Charger fandom test. When we went down 28-7 in the second quarter, I never wavered in my confidence that we would come back and win. Such an exciting game. God bless M80.

No. 5 (Tie): Nov 19th, 2006 at Denver; 35-27

Down again 17 points the very next week?!? Did any among us think we weren’t going to win when we were down 24-7 in the third quarter? God bless LT. (We can all close our eyes and see that BEAUTIFUL wheel route…) We became the only team in NFL history to win consecutive road games after being down 17+ points. After this game, we all KNEW we were going to win the Super Bowl, right? (Aargh, just knock it down McCree!)

No. 7: Jan 8th, 1995 vs Miami; 22-21

Three things about this game: 1) One of the best comebacks in Chargers history. Everything was going against us and we were losing 21-6 in third quarter. 2) In a similar vein to the playoff game against the Steelers years later in which we touched the ball in the second half for what seemed to be 3 seconds, the Chargers held the Dolphins (a team that put up 21 in the first half) to 16 total plays the entire second half. Impressive. 3) Stan the Man’s TD pass in the final seconds to Mark Seay where Seay runs through the offensive line is still one of my favorite plays in Charger history.

No. 8: Nov 11th, 2007 vs Indianapolis; 23-21

Cro intercepted Fivehead six (6!) times and Vinatieri missed a FG from the 12 yard line?!? Yeah, this game makes the Top 14.

No. 9: Dec 12th, 2013 at Denver; 27-20

This was a beautiful game. It is the game that made me convinced that TT knew what he was doing when he hired MM. I know we all kill MM for his in-game decision-making. I am of the mind that this was his first go-around as a HC at any level and that he’ll get better at that aspect of his job as time goes on. (Wishful thinking…) However, the one thing this man can do at a Belichick-ian level is prepare a gameplan and a team. The Chargers were so ready, so prepared for the Broncos on this day. It was a sight to behold. Makes me misty just thinking of it again and so hopeful for our future.

No. 10: Nov 26th, 2000 vs Kansas City; 17-16

John Carney kicking a 52 yard FG with 2 minutes left in this game was the only thing that kept us from becoming the first 0-16 team in NFL history. God bless JC.

No. 11: Jan 13th, 2008 at Indianapolis; 28-24

The Billy Volek Game. (And, if we are being fair, Norv coached a helluva game that day.)

No. 12: Jan 3rd, 2009 vs Indianapolis; 23-17 in Overtime

The Darren Sproles playoff game. He was so good in this game that we convinced ourselves that we would be fine without LT the next week in Pittsburgh. Sigh.

No. 13: Oct 13th, 2002 vs Kansas City; 35-34

Drew Brees TD pass to Reche Caldwell with :14 to win the game. (This doesn’t make up for his catch to seal the game against us as member of Patriots a few years later.)

No. 14: Nov 22nd, 1998 vs Kansas City; 38-37

Craig Whelihan (Craig Whelihan!) led us back from a 17 point 4th quarter deficit to win on a last minute TD pass to Charlie Jones.

Honorable Mention

  • 01/02/93 @Kansas City 17-0: Shutout the Chefs in the playoffs? Yes, please.
  • 01/05/14 @Cincinnati 27-10: The game itself wasn't great, but it was gratifying watching MM's first playoff game be a victory.
  • 9/22/85 @Cincinnati 44-41: (We scored 10 points after 2:00 warning to win.)
  • 12/08/85 Pittsburgh 54-44: (Classic Air Coryell shoot ‘em up)
  • 11/27/05 @Washington 23-17 OT: LT to the rescue 184 yards and 3 TDs including game-winner less than a minute into OT
  • 10/07/07 @Denver 41-3: We DESTROYED the Donkeys in their house.
  • 11/24/13 @Kansas City 41-38: Game-winning catch in final seconds by Tutu.
  • 09/25/05 New York Giants 45-23: Kicking Elisha’s ass for the first time.
  • 12/18/05 @Indianapolis 26-17: The Michael "The Burner" Turner game in which we knocked off the 13-0 Colts in their house.

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