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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: April 30, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Donald Miralle

Which NFL Teams Really Have the Toughest And Easiest Schedules in 2014? - Neil Paine
In cases like this, a better tactic is to make regressive predictions. We can use a regression formula to predict each team’s 2014 Simple Rating from its ratings over the previous two seasons, while building in plenty of regression to the mean to reflect our limited knowledge.

Manti Te’o: "One Year Makes a Whole Lot of Difference" - Ricky Henne
Fast forward a year, the week prior to the 2014 Draft, and Te’o is a battle-tested NFL veteran.  Now number 50 is actively participating in Phase One of the San Diego Chargers offseason conditioning program and grateful he landed in America’s Finest City.

Ryan Mathews: Teaming with Donald Brown will be fun - Kevin Patra
"I (want to) make it more than 16 games," Mathews said, per U-T San Diego. "That was a big goal last year: 'Alright, let's get him through 16 games.' We did that. Now the goal is to keep me healthy, keep running after 16 games. The coaches did a good job of getting another guy like Donald to help me out. It's going to be fun."

Ex-Chargers' Team Physician on Probation: California Medical Board - R. Stickney & Paul Krueger
Chao's attorney Robert Frank issued the following statement: "The final conclusion of the Medical Board's investigation is a victory for Dr. Chao and the thousands of patients that seek his help. It confirms his ability to continue to perform surgery and practice medicine. It puts an end to the speculation about a possible interruption to his orthopedic/sports medicine practice."

Will Trader Tom show up on draft day? - Eric Williams
So Telesco has shown a willingness to move around in the draft. I proposed a scenario earlier in which the Chargers could move down in order to pick up more picks in this year’s draft and add depth to this year’s roster.