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It's Time: Give me homework

I'm finally ready to admit that it's draft season in the NFL. Before I start my studying, it's a good time for you to tell me which NFL prospects you'd like for me to study for the San Diego Chargers.

Mitchell Leff

Let me give you a quick peak into my April. This is around the time of year that the free agents that are going to challenge for a starting job are all but nonexistent (although a Cornerback signing could still be coming for the San Diego Chargers, but that's more a criticism of the team's current lack of talent there than anything else). The NFL Draft is still over a month away, but just barely.

This is when I hunker down in the Batcave and start doing homework. I generate my own list of prospects that likely go in the first few rounds, watch as much tape on each of them as I can, and read every (legitimate) scouting report I can get my hands on.

By time May rolls around, I have a pretty good idea of which players I would like to see on the Chargers are which ones scare me a little bit. I've also (typically) fallen in love with some not-very-good college player that won't actually amount to much in the NFL.

Anyway, this is your chance to be a part of the process. In the comments below, I am allowing you to give me a little bit of guidance. Go ahead and tell me which player(s) you would like me to focus extra energy on, and why. It doesn't even have to be logical. Just give me a name and a reason and that person will go on my list.