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Tonight: NFL to release full 2014 schedule

Get ready for tonight, when the NFL will announce the entire 16-game regular season schedule for every team. What should fans of the San Diego Chargers be looking for?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At 5pm PT tonight, the NFL will release the entire schedule for their upcoming regular season.

First, here's a refresher on who the San Diego Chargers will face this year:

All things told, there's not a lot of bad that can happen here.

  • Arizona, San Francisco, Oakland, and Denver ensure that half of the team's road games won't be that difficult travel-wise. Hopefully none of those are back-to-back road games.
  • Baltimore, Buffalo, and Kansas City are the only road games where the Chargers may face wintry weather, so we should be hoping that those trips come as early as possible in the season.
  • I don't think there's any chance that the Chargers will play a game in London this year.

Outside of hoping that dangerous opponents and road games are spaced out evenly throughout the schedule, and praying for a bye week that is neither too early or too late in the year, it doesn't appear the Chargers or their fans have a lot to fret about this evening when the 2014 NFL schedules come out.