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BFTB Town Hall - The Rules and Regulations of Bolts From The Blue

Join us for an overview of the rules and regulations of the Bolts from the Blue community and a chance to discuss our policies and guidelines.

There has been some discussion lately about what the standards of behavior and moderation are here at Bolts from the Blue. I'm going to lay them out for you below, and then you'll be able to ask for clarification or just generally be heard by the staff in the comments. Ideally, nobody will need to be banned as this is intended as a safe place to ask questions.

The Bolts from the Blue Guidelines: 
Always be professional and polite. Write legible comments that at least attempt correct spelling and punctuation. We allow no name calling, politics, racism, sexism, homophobia, no obscenity. Also, do not piss off the staff.

That should be pretty easy to understand, but I want to address a couple specific points:

  • Regarding pissing off the staff - First and foremost, editorial decisions are not open to discussion. You are welcome to discuss the content, but not whether or not it should have been posted.
  • Nobody will be banned simply for expressing an opinion. What gets people in trouble is expressing that opinion in an openly hostile, name-calling type of way.
  • Finally, we will hide comments that are off topic and derail the discussion as well as breaking news comments. If you must discuss breaking news before it's on the main page, post a FanShot or FanPost.

If you get banned or warned for any of the previously listed actions, please email us civilly and respectfully. 95% of the time we'll happily reinstate you. However, the following will result in a permanent ban:

  • Angrily emailing us telling us why we were wrong in warning or banning you.
  • Attacking us using racial slurs.
  • Creating a new user ID when you get banned. (You'll just get banned again)
  • Complaining about getting warned in a thread. (You'll probably get banned)

That should do it. The floor is now open for you to comment on and question these rules.