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Fantasy Keeper League Advice: Which Chargers players should you hold on to?

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Are you in a fantasy football keeper league? Are you wondering which San Diego Chargers players you should hold onto for next season and which to let go? We're here to help.

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Hey guys! I decided that I wanted to take an opportunity in-between segments to let you know who I personally think you should keep in your keeper leagues, if you already have Chargers players on your roster, as most people in Fantasy Football did this past season!

Only three guys really stuck out to me for value and for production. It's probably pretty easy to guess who those guys are! For this article, I am mainly talking about the leagues in which you lose the same round draft pick you used to draft the player in question. Value comes in handy here.

Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers enjoyed a career year in 2013, doing incredibly well in Fantasy Football. Since most people drafted him low, he has great keeper value. That being said, Quarterbacks in fantasy football come a dime a dozen. If you spent a high draft pick on him last season, it's up to you if you want to keep someone else from a weaker position (i.e. running back). Expect Philip Rivers to have another good season, and he should throw it down the field a bit more, especially if the Chargers get Malcom Floyd back, or pick up a receiver in the draft who can stretch the field. That should translate to more touchdowns and yards. So, if you drafted Rivers in a later round, I would most definitely keep him!

Verdict: Keeper

Ryan Mathews

Ryan Mathews has a good amount of value this season, but I still see him as a high risk-high reward kind of player. The addition of Donald Brown should help soften the risk, but it is still there. Each and every season has been cut short by some sort of injury that Ryan Mathews has had to fight through. Fortunately, Ryan Mathews was able to play through it last year, but could not once the playoffs came around. Chances are, you spent a relatively high pick on him, which would lead me to believe that he doesn't have enough value to be kept. Remember, we're going for value and consistency here.

Verdict: Draft

Danny Woodhead

Danny Woodhead has value here, let's be brutally honest. Barely anyone drafted him, and when they did, it was incredibly late. He's going to put up numbers because of Philip Rivers' reliance on him in the passing game. That will not change. Also, he shouldn't have injury problems because he isn't on the field pounding the ball like Ryan Mathews every down. I believe that Danny Woodhead is a keeper, and you will be spending a very low pick to keep him for your (most likely) flex position.

Verdict: Keeper

Donald Brown

Since he was on a different team last year, chances are most people will not be keeping Donald Brown. Also, since he's probably going to be the backup as the scat back and as the power back, you can't expect a heck of a lot from a fantasy standpoint.

Verdict: Draft?

Tune in next week when I analyze the rest of the team! Have a fantastic week, everyone!