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Union Bank and Chargers Keep San Diego Winning with Game Changers

Union Bank and the San Diego Chargers do big things with a little spare change.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

In the 2013-14 football season, Union Bank and San Diego Chargers took their long-standing relationship to a new level by launching Game Changers, a program which offers fans on game day an interactive way to give back to the San Diego community by donating spare change to the Game Changers Change Mobile. The generosity of fans, complimented by the Chargers organization, raised $15,000, which was equally dispersed to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego, San Diego Armed Services YMCA, and San Diego Center for Children.

"This is another example of outstanding support and caring hearts among Chargers fans as well as our friends from Union Bank," said Chargers Executive Vice President and CEO A.G. Spanos. "It’s great how something as simple as loose change can make a difference."


On Monday, March 31st, representatives from Union Bank, San Diego Chargers, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego, San Diego Armed Services YMCA, and San Diego Center for Children gathered at a press conference to formally present the contributions made.

Chargers Center, Nick Hardwick, gave a special thanks to fans saying, "Mostly thank you to the San Diego Chargers fans who are already giving up enough to come out on the weekends to come and support us as players and the organization. They’ve given up a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of effort and energy just to get there - and then they are willing to give just a little bit more to the kids of San Diego County who really deserve it."


In a conversation about parenthood, Hardwick referred to his own two kids saying, "My goal as a parent is to help [my kids] get to where they want to be … I want them to be the best they can be." He added, "Whatever they are passionate about, I want to help them smooth that path and get there and be as productive of citizens as they can be."

The funds raised by the Game Changers program will help families around San Diego who, like Nick, want to "smooth" life's path for their children. Each respective organization will use the donation to fund a variety of projects that promote healthy lifestyles, aid the lives of military families, and create essential programs for at-risk children and teens. Nick closed out the press conference saying, "I just think this is a fantastic program - year one raising $15,000. So moving in to year two, let’s see how big this can get! Let’s keep it going!"

In a playing field full of unpredictable audibles, it is nice to see local businesses, the Chargers, and fans partner to put in to place the kind of game changers guaranteed to keep us all winning!