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BFTB After Dark: March 7, 2014

BFTB's "After Dark" is a nightly open thread for the community to talk about anything and everything.

Laurence Griffiths

Yeah, I'm still waiting to hear what the Chargers plan on doing with Jeromey Clary as well. My guess is we'll hear something over the weekend, so check back at BFTB every few hours.

It was a fun week. Well, at least, I had fun. I am very much ready for the weekend though.

I drank a 5 Hour Energy shot last night to try and keep from yawning too much during "Gennaro-ly Speaking". This was apparently a bad idea, as I ended up getting almost no sleep at all. I just kind of laid in bed, feeling the effects of the scotch slowly wear off over the hours. It was the worst.