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Gennaro-ly Speaking TONIGHT at 7:30pm PT

BFTB's semi-weekly hour-long webcast will be on the air tonight to discuss the roster moves the team has made in the last week and what they might do in free agency next week.

Stephen Dunn

I was going to skip "Gennaro-ly Speaking" this week. "There's no need to turn on the webcam this week," I thought to myself.

Then, the NFL happened. The sleeping giant awoke. In preparation for next week's (undoubtedly) hectic start of free agency, the San Diego Chargers signed LB Donald Butler to a complicated long-term deal, restructured the contract of WR Eddie Royal to avoid cutting him, then waived/released FB Le'Ron McClain, CB Derek Cox, and CB Johnny Patrick,

So....yeah. I guess we have some stuff to talk about.

The post, where you guys can start the conversation while waiting for the video to start playing, should go up around 7:15pm PT (barring any horrific traffic on my way home from work) and I'll start the broadcast at 7:30pm with the intention of wrapping up around 8:30pm.

What I have planned is grades for every roster move made by the Chargers thus far, and a list of 5 (or maybe 10) free agent targets that the team could actually afford and should actually pursue.

Anything else you guys would like me to talk about?