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San Diego Chargers restructure Eddie Royal's contract

Instead of releasing him to gain cap space, the San Diego Chargers and Eddie Royal have agreed to restructure the final year of his 3-year contract.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we saw this back and forth between San Diego Chargers LB Donald Butler, who recently signed a 7-year contract extension with the team, and WR Eddie Royal.

Royal, who was heading into the final year of a 3-year deal, was a prime candidate for the chopping block. Here's what I said back in January:

Eddie is owed $6 million in the final year of his deal, but would cost just $1.5 million against the cap if released. He was about as a good of a slot receiver as there was in the league last year, and he seems to be a favorite of head coach Mike McCoy, so I would expect him to renegotiate this deal. That'll add a few years to it (which helps Royal) and make it more cap-friendly in 2014 (which helps the team).

I was almost right! Michael Gehlken has some details, but not much:

Royal was previously set to earn $4.5 million in base salary with a $6 million cap number. Both numbers have been lowered. The salary was reduced to a fully guaranteed total, and performance incentives were added to help make up the difference.


Less money, but more guaranteed. That seems like a sweet deal for the Chargers, who want more cap space, and a sweet deal for Royal, who gets injured often. No extra years tacked on at the end, which is probably a sign of something, but I wouldn't worry about it.

Eddie Royal

#11 / Wide Receiver / San Diego Chargers



May 21, 1986

Virginia Tech