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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 31, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Stephen Dunn

Roger Goodell on Possible Playoff Expansion - Video
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks on the possibility of the playoffs expanding by the 2015 season.

How New Rule Changes Could Affect the Chargers -
Perhaps the most significant rule change that was proposed in 2014 was moving the extra point play back to the 25-yard line, making the PAT about a 43-yard attempt. Had this been passed, Chargers fans would be pleased to learn that Nick Novak was the only kicker in the NFL that was perfect from kicks 40-49 yards out in 2014. He was an unblemished 9-for-9 from that range.

Why People Bet on the Favorite Even When the Spread Favors the Underdog - David Nussbaum
"When people decide how to bet on a game, first they identify who is going to win," Nelson said. That decision is often fast and easy, particularly when teams are not evenly matched. "The faster and easier it is, the less concerned they are with correcting that intuition when answering the more difficult question of whether the favorite is going to beat the point spread."

Updating the NFL Rulebook - Bill Barnwell
The league’s goalposts are to be raised by five feet: Finally! Eighteen months after his Patriots lost to the Ravens on a field goal that might not actually have gone through the uprights,1 Bill Belichick’s proposal for raising the goalposts from 30 to 35 feet was unanimously voted through. Adam Carolla’s goalpost dream has come true.

Chargers, city to start stadium talks - Eric Williams
"The Chargers are incredibly important to the city and the region," Faulconer said. "I firmly believe that it's incumbent for everyone to work together. My main priority is going to be ensuring that any proposal that moves forward protects us as taxpayers here in San Diego. That will be my guiding principle. But I'm confident that we can achieve that."