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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 3, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

JVM: Tight Ends - Matt Claassen
The once elite Gates posted respectable totals last season but the aging veteran began to look like a shell of his former self. He had a great start to the year with 364 receiving yards, two touchdowns and a +7.3 overall grade. It went downhill from there though, as he graded -12.6 over the final 12 regular season games and -5.0 in the playoffs, largely due to his poor run blocking ability. He can make his mark in the passing game but is not worth being the fourth-highest paid tight end anymore.

House of Cards intro creators remake it in The Walking Dead's style - Jesus Diaz (non-football)
Time-lapse and video production company District 7—the people who created the intro for House of Cards—decided that it would be fun to mash it with The Walking Dead, which seems quite apt to me, knowing how Washington works. Here's the result.

The Ellsberg Paradox and 4th Down - Brian Burke
The Ellsberg Paradox demonstrates the difference between risk and uncertainty. Risk is measurable but uncertainty is not. People almost always prefer a known risk to an unknown uncertainty, even if the expected results are equal.

Does the 'Hot Hand' Exist in Basketball? - Ben Cohen (non-football)
For years, though, academics have dismissed the hot-hand theory as basketball's version of Bigfoot. Almost everyone in the last three decades who had hunted for hard evidence of streakiness had come up empty. Instead, they say, belief in the hot hand is a case of people mistakenly seeing patterns in randomness