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New NFL Rules: Centralized replay system, experimenting with longer extra points?

The NFL Owners' Meeting this year has added new rules and procedures, along with an experiment during the preseason.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

At the NFL Annual Meetings this year, the owners voted to allow officials to consult with the officiating department in New York during the review of plays.

This new rule is believed to increase the speed and accuracy of the review process the NFL currently has.

After a call is challenged, the NFL Officiating Command Center will immediately begin reviewing the play, so that it can tell the referee what to look for once they reach the review booth.  The referee will still have the final call on the field.

Other new rules being introduced this year include:

The top of the goal posts will be extended by five feet.

The recovery of a loose ball is now review-able.

The game clock will now continue to tick after a quarterback has been sacked outside of two minutes.

The owners voted against extending the length of an extra point to be moved back to the 25 yard line, however, the league will be experimenting with an extra point attempt being snapped at the 20 yard line during the first two weeks of the preseason, making it a 37-yard attempt.

Last season, only five of the 1,267 extra point kick attempts failed to connect.

Debate over whether to change the extra point attempt system currently in place rose this off-season when many criticized the ease of the attempt.

Other suggestions include to move the ball to the 1-yard line, which would hopefully encourage teams go for two-point conversions instead of kicking the field goal. However that idea was not proposed this year.