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BFTB Live Roundtable: Which Charger from the past would you like to add to this team?

Please join us for our first attempt at a live roundtable discussion.

In the past, we would do a Round Table discussion among the Bolts from the Blue staff over email and then post the emails on the site. This time around, we're going to do things a little differently. We're attempting a live Round Table using ReplyAll for this one, and we're curious to hear your opinions on the process in the comments.

If this is something that you the reader enjoy, this may replace the old format that was less real-time and presented for your consumption after the fact. This should be more interactive and we hope a better overall experience.

This week, we put on our "what-if" hats and discuss which players we'd like on the Chargers. But instead of the same boring, "What free agent would you want?" or "Which player should the team trade for?", we take a step back in time and wonder which player from the past would best help the team if they came back.