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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 24, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Chargers to face new Raiders QB in Schaub - Tom Krasovic (paywall)
Now, after watching Schaub implode last year, it is well near impossible to write Schaub without typing "pick 6." Defenses rattled him, unlike the confused Chargers defense he gashed on Opening Night. Nine games into a season gone off the rails, the Texans benched him in favor of Case Keenum.

Eagles Film Review: Sproles on Wheels - ChipWagoneer
The Chip Wagon is breaking down the Top 25 offensive plays of the inaugural Chip Kelly season all offseason long. #22 re-visits a concept the Eagles went back to time and time again throughout the season and a concept that is likely here to stay with the addition of Darren Sproles.

When Coaches Use Timeouts - Brian Burke
The charts need some explanation. They plot how many timeouts a team has left during the second half based on time and score. Each facet represents a score difference. For example the top left plot is for when the team with the ball is down by 21 points. Each facet's horizontal axis represents game minutes remaining, from 30 to 0. The vertical axis is the average number of timeouts left. So as the half expires, teams obviously have fewer timeouts remaining.

Players elect Eric Winston president of their union - Michael David Smith
In a show of unity within the union, the first people to reveal the news of Winston’s election were the two candidates running against him: Saints tight end Ben Watson and free agent safety Ryan Clark both wrote congratulatory messages to Winston on Twitter.

Answers - Randall Munroe (non-football)
Stanford sleep researcher William Dement said that after 50 years of studying sleep, the only really solid explanation he knows for why we do it is 'because we get sleepy'.