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Fantasy Football Preview: San Diego Chargers WRs

Previewing the potential output for each San Diego Chargers WR next season to help determine their fantasy football value.

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Today, I take a look at the WRs under contract for the Chargers for the 2014-15 season from a fantasy perspective. I was hoping to hold off on the wideouts until later in the offseason, but I feel that the Chargers will not be trading for DeSean Jackson, as we all hope they would. We can now assume that Tom Telesco plans to address our need for a speedy wide receiver in the 2014 draft, as it is a very deep draft.

I will only account for the receivers who are under contract at this moment. When the Chargers sign/draft a new WR, I will publish an updated version!

WR1: Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen exploded onto the scene this season, after a rocky start (see the Raiders hat debacle).

He didn’t play very much the first 3 games, but once Malcom Floyd went down and Eddie Royal cooled off, Allen really heated up. The Broncos have thrown a lot of money at Aqib Talib, and the Chiefs still have Brandon Flowers, so needless to say, it will be difficult for Keenan Allen to get open. Thankfully, we should have Malcom Floyd attracting attention on the other side of the field, which should help keep Keenan Allen open.

Last Season: 71 Rec, 1046 Yds, 8 TD, 1 FUM

Projection: 80 Rec, 1100 Yds, 9 TD

Outlook: Keenan Allen will not be overlooked this year. The Chargers have shown they mean business, and after a good year, Keenan Allen will be shooting up draft boards. Expect him to be gone in the 2nd to 4th rounds.

WR2: Malcom Floyd

If Malcom Floyd is healthy enough, he will be back for his final year on his contract with the San Diego Chargers.

Floyd has always been a reliable target, and has fantastic hands. I was really bummed when he went down last year, not only because he is such a reliable wideout, but because he had value in fantasy as well. If he’s back, I don’t think he’ll be forced into duty as much as he was 2 seasons ago.

He will be used pretty heavily as the Charger’s deep threat (barring any big signing/any great WR in the draft). Philip Rivers earlier in an interview talked about how the Chargers didn’t really have a deep threat this year, and it wasn’t incredibly intentional that they weren’t pushing the ball downfield as much in past years. Malcom Floyd would change that.

Last Season: 6 Rec, 149 Yds

2012: 56 Rec, 814 Yds, 5 TD

Projection: 30 Rec, 450 Yds, 3 TD

Outlook: He’s not an every week starter, but he will be able to fill in, in a pinch. In bigger leagues, he might even start every week for some team in your league.

WR3: Eddie Royal

Eddie Royal was one of my favorite signings a few seasons ago. He showed why this season, catching 5 TD’s from El Capitan in the first two weeks of the season.

He cooled down a little bit once Keenan Allen exploded onto the scene. I expect him to have similar stats this season, with a few less touchdowns (due to Malcom Floyd being back, and Keenan Allen playing a full 16 games).

Last Season: 47 Rec, 631 Yds, 8 TD

Projection: 45 Rec, 500 Yds, 5 TD

Outlook: He won't be worth too much next season unless someone goes down with an injury. He’ll be inconsistent, and I wouldn’t spend a draft pick on him. If he turns around and has a great season, he’ll probably be on the Waiver Wire for your picking.

WR4: Vincent Brown

I don’t believe he’s going to even have value as a sleeper. He is buried on this depth chart, and might get buried even farther if a rookie is drafted. He is used more as a possession receiver, so he wont be used to burn anyone, wont get many touchdowns, or a bunch of yards.

Last Season: 41 Rec, 472 Yds, 1 TD

Projection: 35 Rec, 300 Yds, 2 TD

Outlook: I wont spend a draft pick on him (I drafted him as my sleeper last year), and I suggest you don’t either. Best case scenario, he’s 4th on the DC, but I think he’ll end up being #5.

WR5: Seyi Ajirotutu

He’ll come in when the Chargers need big receivers. He’s more of a special teams player, and that wont change next season. Don’t expect any game winning touchdowns next year!

Last Season: 3 Rec, 64 Yds, 1 TD

Projection: 5 Rec, 80 Yds, 1 TD

Outlook: Not worth a spot on your roster, and I don’t think he’ll do much this season, so I wont even be looking for him as a midseason addition.